mac off

Starch Madness Mac OFF – Mac and Cheese Recipe Challenge

Macaroni… Cheese… sounds so simple. But for our Mac and Cheese recipe challenge we go to two different corners. Slow cooker and crabby Mac. Who do you think wins?

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Cabbage Casserols

Deconstructed Cabbage Rolls – How to make a Grate Cabbage Casserole in a Dutch Oven

ive fire cooking encompasses so much more than just your grill or smoker.  A Dutch oven is a Grate vessel for cooking outdoors with fire.  You can devise a fire pit, or just cook right on the charcoal grates of your grill.  Now you can take a live fire path to breads, soups, stew, and […]

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Lamb Easter Recipes

Grilled Rack of Lamb and Twice Smoked Ham Easter Recipes – Holiday Traditions

Easter is a time when families get together and celebrate. Celebrations always include food. Here are a couple of the Best of GrateTV. Grilling suggestions for your holiday table here at GrateTV

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Pizza Slices

Now You Can Have a Biscuits and Gravy Pizza Recipe!

Alas, we have had some great culinary dishes through the month but it’s time to get to the final episode of Starch Madness. This week we combine two GrateTV favorites – Biscuits and Gravy and Pizza.

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loaded potato salad recipe

A Loaded Potato Salad That Will Knock Your Socks Off! – Recipe

Potato Salad is just good food. It is usually served with barbecue, hot dogs, hamburgers or cold sandwiches. Tons of people would lay claim on having made the best potato salad and would offer the most authentic way of making it.

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loaded potato salad recipe

Loaded Potato Salad Recipe

The perfect BBQ side to add a cool creamy bite to your next plate. This Loaded Potato Salad recipe is simple and the secret ingredient is just a bit of time. Just add nap.

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Hasselback Potato

Grilled Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes – Here’s How

Which dish will be declared the winner of our Grate starchy tournament? In this episode we take a look at a simple and tasty treatment of a grilled potato from the Hasselback Restaruant in Stockholm.

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