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Tailgate Recipe: Marriages with Pig Candy, Pickle Recipe!

Grate food is being grilled off the tailgates in parking lots of stadiums in your home town. From the Friday night lights straight through to the Sunday Spectaculars great grilled food is at a premium. At GrateTV we are presenting a series of tailgate recipes that will focus on getting the cook to the party.

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Bloody Mary

The Ultimate list of The Grate for the Tailgate!

Tailgating is big business and GrateTV is reticent to help you get the best from your tailgate conquest by creating great food that focuses on flavor and fun!

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Tailgating The Reubenzone – Here’s how! +Mustard Recipe!

This week’s inspiration puts the calzone and the Reuben on the same platform, with a fire underneath! Presenting the….Reubenzone!

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