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discada chicken and waffle taco

Discada Cooking – How To make a Plow Disc Cooker

It started with a plow disk… see how GrateTV pulls together Chicken and Waffle Tacos on the hand crafted Discada…

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BBQ Spice Making – Chili Powder

Just updated a quick video on making your own chili powder… It’s a real trick to help you win a competition.  Too may people lean on the mass produced power from the grocery store.  Fresh makes a huge difference. Originally posted HERE (full text recipe) it breaks down an easy way to get the edge on […]

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Halloween Stuffed Pumpkin

Happy Halloween – lets grill stuffed pumpkins on the BBQ!

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loaded potato salad recipe

Loaded Potato Salad Recipe

The perfect BBQ side to add a cool creamy bite to your next plate. This Loaded Potato Salad recipe is simple and the secret ingredient is just a bit of time. Just add nap.

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Smokey O’Malley’s – Starch Madness – GrateTV

Here’s the perfect recipe for a St Patrick’s Day BBQ. Smokey O’Malleys combine the portability of a popper and the #StarchMadness delights of a potato skin. Aaron go Bra-less! (Aaron is a big guy).

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