The Ultimate list of The Grate for the Tailgate!


Bloody Mary

The GrateTV Bloody Mary

Tailgating is big, really big.  Each year Americans spend over 35 billion, yes that’s with a B, dollars on food and beverages for tailgating.  That’s a whole lot of fun and games and there doesn’t seem to be a slowdown in sight.  The grilling category continues to grow even in our economic slump.  College football continues to be strong, but concert goers are picking up the pace.  Its big business and GrateTV is reticent to help you get the best from your tailgate conquest by creating great food that focuses on flavor and fun!


The battle over who actually invented tailgating is still blazing.  It’s been noted that Julius Caesar may have been the first tailgater.  The story goes that after a particularly crazy chariot race, the leader opened up the Coliseum, inviting people in to enjoy food, drink, and various types of entertainment.  The spirit of those events is quite similar to that of today, and might lend some credence to giving Caesar some credit for getting the proverbial tailgate ball rolling.

Here at The Grate we have never labeled a show as “Grate for the Tailgate.”  It’s high time we do.  Let’s get this party started by with the headliner of the tailgate; Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.

We would be incredibly remiss to talk about hot dogs and not to take a good look at Bratwurst!

Here are some delightful ideas for finger foods and easy to make Appetizers:


In the south there is nothing like boiled peanuts or salsa on a chip:


In South Carolina we take hunting and fishing for shrimp seriously. These tailgate foods reflect that dedication:


When the season turns to Autumn, it’s Tailgate Time. It’s easy to make fantastic food that will have your guests complimenting your “Grill Master” skills before, during and after every game. Keep it here at GrateTV. We’re not just talking about food here, we’re really cooking!

Fun Facts about Tailgating:

  • A person spends more than $500 per season on food and supplies
  • 45% of people consume Bud Light beer
  • 30% of people consume Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
  • 25% of people consume Craft beer
  • They use canopy and tent but 30% of them never step foot in the stadium
  • 95% of tailgaters prepare their food at the stadium
  • Charcoal, glass, and alcohol are among the top banned items
  • The top games are Cornhole, ladderball and beer pong
  • 80% of tailgaters use smartphones to take pictures



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