Tailgate Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Rods and Spears

pickle recipeFootball and tailgate parties are tons of fun.    If you are the host you want to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed and forget to have the fun.     We came up with a pickle recipe and a pretzel recipe that are super easy hand foods.  A tailgate recipe needs to be simple.  Plus everybody’s wrapping stuff in bacon… as we like to say it’s “the duct tape of barbecue.”

Jack says: “lets try to get the cook to the table.”   “Being a good host is a great thing at a tailgate but I think you deserve to eat too so this is simple enough to host and still participate in the social activities of the tailgating.”

These hearty bacon wrapped pretzels and pickles are filling and quick to put together and affordable to prepare for a group.

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Got a fun tailgate treat? Maybe a pickle recipe worth sharing? Send it our way – along with #GratePlate photos.
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