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Hasselback Potato

Grilled Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes – Here’s How

Which dish will be declared the winner of our Grate starchy tournament? In this episode we take a look at a simple and tasty treatment of a grilled potato from the Hasselback Restaruant in Stockholm.

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Grilled O'Malleys

Smokey O’Malley – A Potato Popper Recipe

The Smokey O’ Malley ! A perfect, bite sized, potato nugget that will make you believe: “If you’re lucky enough to be Irish then you’re lucky enough”.

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Smokey O’Malley’s – Starch Madness – GrateTV

Here’s the perfect recipe for a St Patrick’s Day BBQ. Smokey O’Malleys combine the portability of a popper and the #StarchMadness delights of a potato skin. Aaron go Bra-less! (Aaron is a big guy).

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GratePlate From Derek Stapleton: Nice lookin’ Smashed Potato

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