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discada chicken and waffle taco

Discada Cooking – How To make a Plow Disc Cooker

It started with a plow disk… see how GrateTV pulls together Chicken and Waffle Tacos on the hand crafted Discada…

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GrateTV 4th of July Summer Grilling – 10 ways to Season Meat – Recipe

Cooking barbecued meats is all about proper management and manipulation of the cooking process from start to finish. Part of this manipulation includes seasoning…

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BBQ chicken

Chicken For BBQ Competition

Cicken For BBQ Competition: Take a look at how important Appearance can be to your final score…

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competition BBQ chicken

Competition BBQ Chicken Tips

Master competition BBQ Chicken with an episode of GrateTV and Seth Watari from the Carolina Pitmasters Barbecue Cooking School.

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Grate Meal

Are You Ready For Opening Day of BBQ Season? – Recipe

Grilling season is normally associated with the summer months. At GrateTV we spring it forward…

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