Spring Forward – The Opening Day of BBQ Season – Get out and Grill!

Grate Meal Grilling season is normally associated with the summer months.  Last year Bill and I made this bold Statement. “From this day forward Opening Day of Grilling Season will officially be spring “time change” Sunday”.  It just makes more sense.

Most folks cover their grills for the winter because there is a lack of daylight and the weather cools.  It’s difficult to grill in the dark and despite the invention of artificial lights dedicated to BBQ; the simple fact is it’s just not convenient.  However, when the time changes and we “spring forward” Barbeque Enthusiasts start to “Fire it up” more often.  Therefore we hereby decree the start of the Barbeque and Grilling season to be spring “time change” Sunday.

All great days like this deserve a celebration, and celebrations always include Grate Food.  Here is an entire dinner from start to finish based on the grill.  It’s a fantastic way to celebrate the Official Opening Day of BBQ Season!

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