Smo-Fried turkey is a natural progression combining 2 of the most popular ways to cook a turkey.  It’s really quite simple, smoke or grill the bird then drop it in hot grease to finish off the cook and crisp up the skin.  Please be very careful.  Hot grease, liquids, and fire mixed together can spell disaster if you don’t put safety as your top priority.

bbq turkeyHere are some grate tips to making sure this bird is as good as it can get.

  • Start with a totally thawed turkey.  Food cooks on minutes per pound of raw meat.  If you turkey is frozen, then not only is there a good chance the bird won’t not get done in time, but the extra moisture from the frozen water will create problems with boiling oil. 
jack turkey smo-fried
  • Check to see if your turkey has added solution.   If your turkey already has added solution, then there is not much point in brining.  In fact, your turkey could be considered pre-brined.  If not then brining is a good idea.  Gallon of water, 1 cups of salt, 1/2 cup of sugar make up good brines.  Use any type of salt or sugar you want, add herbs and seasonings that you enjoy.  Have fun and enjoy the flavor ride.
  • Develop a good injection.  Use equal parts hot sauce, butter, and wine to make a grate injection.  If wine is not on your personal menu, use white grape juice.  It adds the same type of flavor.  Good injections are available straight over the counter in just about any supermarket.  Look for “Creole Butter”
  • Mount the turkey on the fryer stand before you smoke.  Handeling hot turkey’s is a dangerous proposition. 
  • Create plenty of smoke.  I like pecan and hickory.  Don’t let the smoke billow or smudge, but create enough smoke to penetrate the bird and provide flavor.
  • Use proper hand protection while moving the turkey from the smoker to the fryer.
  • Make sure you get all of the liquid drained out of the cavity before you immerse the bird in the fryer. 
  • Don’t fry near the house, under any overhangs, and if you chose to fry on concrete, consider using a ground cover of some sort.  A hot water heater pan or a piece of sheet tin works great.  Turn the fryer off while you immerse the bird in the hot oil.  Re-light the burner once the bird is settled in the hot grease.
  • Be careful, time it carefully, and enjoy the best bird you will ever have.

 Happy Holidays – Bill & Jack



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