Hey guys, just found your site. Looks pretty interesting. I’m probably gonna be a regular. My name is Harry Lawrence. I’m one of the founding members of the “bbq brethren. com”. I’ve been smoking for quite some time. I bought a new smoker some years ago & got hooked up on the internet with a few guys. We started a web site. Well the rest is history. I don’t contribute much to the web site anymore. It just got too big (over 22,500 members & growing). My “handle” on the site is cabo. Not sure if you’ll find anything by, or about me anymore. Anyway my old Bandera (that’s how we got started) has seen it’s last days, and I’m looking for a new cooker. I’ve been looking around. I’ve checked with Klose, Spicewine, but by the time I pay shipping, they are out of reach. It’s crazy that I almost can’t find a homegrown cooker maker in South Carolina. Everybody seems to want the UDS (ugly drum smoker). I want something different. I found a company in Piedmont, S.C. (Carolina Grills). Do you know anything about them?? Not expecting this to show up anywhere. Just want a little help…. Harry Lawrence (AKA cabo)

Gotta reccommendmour friend John at Alveron Cookers…  here’s a look at what they do: Grill Tour


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