Chicken For BBQ Competition

BBQ chickenChicken for BBQ competitions is a complex endeavor.  One of the big judging categories is appearance and it’s one of the most overlooked judging points for new competition cooks.

Jack Waiboer of says pay attention to detail and symmetry.  You want the judge to gravitate to your piece of chicken over the eight other pieces he may have to judge at the same time.

The Kansas City BBQ Society is one of the largest sanctioning groups that allows and encourages garnish or use of greenery in your turn in chicken boxes.  Other groups disallow greens.

Watch this week’s podcast and you’ll get a few tips and tricks on how to make your box out shine the other players in the field.

Appearance can be just as important in taste to your overall score when you are just fractions of a point behind the other BBQ teams.

Other videos in this series are Rib Cook Off and How To Beef Brisket. and please give us your tips and tricks in comments under Chicken for BBQ.

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