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6 Essential Episodes for Making Grate Turkey! Plus Brine A Recipe

We are on the southern corner at the intersection of Holiday Boulevard and Easy Street. Halloween is a distant memory, Thanksgiving is upon us and we are looking both ways down Holiday Boulevard at Christmas and the New Year.

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Grilled Ravioli

GrateTV BBQ Grilled Ravioli Recipe – Here’s How

The tailgate frenzy is quickly merging into the holiday corner. We are quickly approaching the 5>4>3 triple play; Thanksgiving > Christmas > New Years Eve/Day. In this episode we take a look at grilling with pasta for some quick and delicious finger foods to bring to the next holiday party….

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Acorn Squash: Fun and easy Grilled Pumpkin Halloween recipe!

In this week’s episode we conjure up a spooky and delicious GrateTV Stuffed Jack-o-Lantern. It will make you choose Tricks because the Treat is going to be on your plate!

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Bloody Mary

The Ultimate list of The Grate for the Tailgate!

Tailgating is big business and GrateTV is reticent to help you get the best from your tailgate conquest by creating great food that focuses on flavor and fun!

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Tailgating The Reubenzone – Here’s how! +Mustard Recipe!

This week’s inspiration puts the calzone and the Reuben on the same platform, with a fire underneath! Presenting the….Reubenzone!

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