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Rib Eye Steaks for Lovers

Your darling will appreciate the extra effort you put in to making the Rib Eye Steak the center piece of a heartfelt, perfect, dinner. Here’s how we did it…

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Choose good ingredients

Unlock the Secrets of Smoked Cheese

Making Macaroni and SMOKED Cheese – step by step…

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Brunswick Stew Recipe and How To

Brunswick Stew a Super Soup for Superbowl!  Although the debate on the origins of Brunswick Stew continue, one thing for certain is it’s good!  It’s a hearty, and a traditional BBQ dish in many parts of the South.  In days past the stew was a way for cooks to prepare a hearty meal for large […]

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Chicken – A Grate Choice

Happy New Year from all of us here at GrateTV.  It’s probably cold in your region and we forget about the grill because weather is uncooperative and the days are shorter. Keep your grill accessible.   It will help keep your food interesting. We are about 2 weeks into the New Year and resolutions are being tested.  […]

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Twice Smoked Ham

  The protein is always the center piece for a holiday dinner.  This Twice Smoked Ham makes a beautiful presentation and it’s fairly easy to do on any grill.  Cooking your holiday centerpiece outside makes room for the rest of the dinner in your kitchen oven. Ham is a body part.  It is the back […]

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